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Whether you need to build a site from scratch or have content in need of a re-design; whether you want a one-page or multi-page website, your custom web design package includes.

Brand Integration  |  Market Research  |  Browser Testing  |  Basic SEO


Just as important! A well-maintained website is profitable to your business. I’m here for you when you need revisions and I keep your site fully updated, backed-up, and monitor security.

Updates  | Verified Backups  |  Malware Scan  |  Client Reports  |  Notifications  |  Training

Brand Guide

Websites begin with branding – your logo, colors, fonts, shapes, personal creative style. I include a Brand Guide for your business.

Market Research

I Research the competitive landscape in your market niche so your business fits in and shines within that brand landscape.

Browser Testing

I test my work in current versions of major desktop and mobile browsers.

Basic SEO

The web pages I develop are optimized with SEO improvements in mind.

Content Mgmt

WordPress, my preferred content management system, now powers 1 in 4 websites on the web.

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