On-Going Site Support

Websites need regular attention and care to remain secure and run smoothly. Whether you want to do the minimum to keep your site healthy or give it daily attention, we have a plan to meet your needs.

  • choose your plan

  • WordPress Version Updates (daily)
  • Theme Version Updates (daily)
  • Plugin Version Updates (daily)
  • Verified Backups (daily)
  • Creative/Technical Support & Site Changes (monthly)
  • Detailed Client Reports (monthly)
  • Malware Scan (daily)
  • Google Blacklist Checking (daily)
  • Email Notification when website becomes infected
  • Powerful Scans for overall site performance (daily)
  • Broken Link Scan (monthly)
  • Basic

  • $75

    per month

  • 1 hour
  • Intermediate

  • $125

    per month

  • 2 hours
  • Pro

  • $250

    per month

  • 3 hours


Core software, theme, and plugins are updated as soon as updates are available to reduce vulnerabilities. The majority of websites hacked were compromised due to running old versions of software.


Backups of both your database and files are generated and stored on a different server than where your site is hosted for your complete peace of mind in the event you need to recoup from data loss.


Monthly client reports provide the dates and version numbers of all WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates performed, as well as site backups. Depending on your support plan reports may also include the details of security and performance scans.


Powerful web-based malware scanning of your website finds any files that become infected in a timely manner so you can deal with them right away. We are the reliable and timely messenger – this service does not include cleaning the site.


Slow websites decrease customer loyalty and business profitability. I perform powerful scans to analyze page speed and other performance factors and provide full details and recommendations for each performance factor tested (in client reports with the performance feature enabled).


Call, email, text message me with your on-demand technical support issue or design challenge in need of a creative solution.